Quake 4 1.4.1 / Q4Max 0.78a *MAJ*
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Ce n'est pas encore officiel, je ne garantie en rien que ces patchs seront les publiques
Pour commencer Quake 4 1.4.1, le changelog est dans la news précédent.

Téléchargement pour Window, pour Linux

En suite Q4Max 0.78a a télécharger ici avec son changelog :

add: Q4 beta 1.4.1 compatibility - this version of Q4Max does not run on Q4 beta 1.4.0 or lower.
add: cg_railstyle 3 adds a new rail effect similar to the SP Gladiator rail.
add: You can now preview team/enemymodel colors in the GUIs.
add: A few extra cvars saved into profiles : cg_predictmg/sg/rg, g_gunx/y/z, hud_multipovstyle, g_favoriteList.
chg: GUIs for vertexlight/forceambient and other lighting options made clearer.
chg: Removed the "aligned" crosshairs, 1.4.1 has better crosshairs that do this.
chg: cg_blood 0 now disables blood, but replaces it with spark effects.
fix: Some explosions not displayed when directly hitting players if cg_blood 0.
fix: You can now turn g_feedscorebot back on, Q4 1.4.1 fixes the segfault / access violations that were occuring.
fix: Changing si_fps on a live server restarts the map at the proper tickrate instead of going crazy.
fix: Switching povs as a spectator sometimes didn't work, and/or caused projectiles to disappear. Also related, scoreboard would stick open, and various other issues as a spectator.
fix: Tourney mode client crash on player disconnecting.


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