Q4Max 0.82
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Q4Max 0.82 est sorti et apporte des choses sympas
  • Ajout : cg_unsmoothclients <0-2, defaut 2>.
    • This cvar controls how the position of other players is predicted.
    • Value 0 is equivalent to pre 0.82 behaviour, and gives the least accurate representation of the players positions, but they move smoothly.
    • Value 2 (default) gives the most accurate position, but when players dodge, can get a bit "warpy" especially at higher pings.
    • Using a value of 2, players may find they are able to play at much higher *pings than they previously thought acceptable - the extra warping does not become a big issue until over 100ms ping.
  • Ajout : new gametype / mode: Domination ("callvote mode DOM")
    • Domination is a teamgame where you capture the dom points by standing near them for a few seconds, and your team scores while you hold more points than the oposition.
  • Ajout : Tutorbot - "addTutor", "playTutorial", "stopTutorial", "loopTutorial", "recordTutorial", and "stopRecordingTutorial".
    • The tutorbot is a special bot which can be added via addTutor, which can play-back special "tutorial" demos, recorded via recordTutorial.
    • If you wish to share a "cool jump" that you can make, then record a tutorial - other players can then easily watch the bot do the jump, and learn how to do it using hud_showInput 1.
    • We will be accepting submissions of good tutorials on movement for the next release, so please submit tutorials for all the common maps.
  • Ajout : -item and iteminhibit votes
  • Used to prevent specific items being spawned - only usable from custom modes, not using callvote.
  • item takes item names and can be used many times to block multiple items. eg, "-item RG" "-item AmmoRG" "-item Quad"
  • iteminhibit is a bitflag, if you choose to learn the numbers for them.
  • Ajout : Superhud: You can flip the images on decorates and percentagebar elements with the "flip" property.
    • Can be flip x, flip y or flip both.
  • Ajout : Superhud: You can rotate images on decorates and percentage bars with the "rotate" property.
    • Can be rotate 90, rotate 180, rotate 270.
  • Ajout : Superhud: "hudSetProperty ". Useful when testing changes to your hud.
  • Ajout : Superhud: maxAwards keyword on awardlist so you can tweak the point at which it switches to numbers instead of multiple icons.
  • Ajout : You can set infinite starting ammo for weapons with startammo* -1.
  • Ajout : Added vote_allow* cvars for the various FT votes that didn't have any.
  • Ajout : New hud style added - maxhud1.
  • chg: Removed hud_useSuperhud - now forcing superhud behaviour. Along with this, removed all old hud code.
  • chg: Removed cg_predict* cvars. The behaviour is forced now, as it is always the best thing to use.
  • chg: Removed cg_weaponFovEffect. It is always on now.
  • chg: Removed unused hud_*position cvars.
  • chg: Delay on votes passing reduced back to 2s for all but map+mode votes, and those only when bots are present.
  • chg: Votelist etc now shows strong/weak for callvote armorsystem.
  • chg: Spectimers icons are no longer partially transparent (mainly makes quad look better).
  • chg: Ingame "mute/unmute player" text clarified. These buttons mute say/sayteam/voicechat. Aliased as /ignore and /unignore
  • chg: Prediction behaviour on repeaters is different. Perhaps fixes crazy net_clientprediction values for tv viewers, and lowers cpu load ?
  • chg: LG impact fx tweaked.
  • chg: Hiding the hud (eg showing the scoreboard, toggling g_showhud) no longer stops calculating hud_FPS values.
  • chg: Changed a number of things about the scoreboards which should result in better performance when displaying them.
  • chg: Admin menu now uses similar method to the vote menu, so admins can use rcon to change all votable properties easily. Added side benefit of the maps and modes listed being the ones on the server when using rcon.
  • fix (RB): "The rocket PVS bug" - fixed the long-standing q4mp issue where projectiles could be invisible in some cases.
  • fix (RB): Memory leak relating to .gui's. Also removed a number of unnecessary .gui's.
  • fix: Fixed zoom gui being shown over all views in multipov mode (now skipped in multipov).
  • fix: Bots didn't really like weaponstay (weaponrespawn 0).
  • fix: Weaponlist shows 0 ammo on gauntlet during warmup.
  • fix: Icons above player heads don't lag behind anymore.
  • fix: Can now change throttled userinfo cvars immediately after joining server. ie, can join teams within first 10s
  • fix: Taunt animations now work correctly again ("headless quaker" bug).
  • fix: If using startAmmo* higher than the max, raise the max to the start value, so that it doesn't go down on picking up ammo.
  • fix: networkStats showed PL incorrectly.
  • fix: autoaction no longer stops recording at suddendeath.
  • fix: "random" gibbing when no other players are around should no longer happen.
  • fix: The available modes as specified by si_modes is now displayed correctly in the vote menu when using spaces in si_modes.
  • fix: Callvote menu on a listen server now show the modes from si_modes correctly.
  • fix: Superhud: weaponlist still draws highlights with icondimensions 0 0.
  • fix: Superhud: PredecorateText works now.
  • fix: Superhud: weaponlist now looks correct with textAlign C and all fonts.
  • fix: Superhud: Spread was broken with superhud.

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