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clockEcrit par Poil | clock2008-03-10 22:47:42
quake4_run_120L'équipe de Q4Run vient de sortir la version 0.3.7 beta.
J'ai la flème de traduire, je le ferai demain.

Ajout :
• TTK_Bandits MovieEdit support
• si_jumppadKill option to kill a player when touching a jumppad (fastcaps pro only)
• new option to automatically switch to spectator for server demos, default is activated

• a problem with freefly for run spectators
• made some editor keys visible

• default setting 1 for net_serverReloadEngine
• set si_fps to read-only and fixed 90 fps

Be sure you record your demos using "si_pure 1" and then viewing it with "demo_enforcefs 2". Demos of version 0.3.6 probably won't work any more. Don't ask why. They still might work with demo_enforcefs 0.

Pour le télécharger c'est par là.


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