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bind "z" pb_plist

// Movement Assignments
// ====================
bind "i"                     "_forward"
bind "j"                     "_moveleft"
bind "k"                     "_back"
bind "l"                     "_moveright"
bind "MOUSE1"                 "_attack"
bind "MOUSE2"                 "_moveup"
bind "b"                     "_moveDown"
bind "ALT"                     "_speed"

// Communications
// ==============
bind "f"                 "clientmessagemode"     //chat all
bind "t"                 "clientmessagemode 1"    //chat team

bind "F5" "say '^2Is it a ^7Bird? ^2Is it a ^7Plane? ^2No It's ^7Super Poil'"
bind "F6" "say '^2O^7M^2G ^7Ils ^2ont ^7Ose ^2Casser ^7Super ^2Poil'"
bind "F7" "say '^2Je ^7Re^2vien^7drais'"
bind "F8" "say '^2Hey ^7Mec ^2il ^7est ^2ou ^7ton ^2Skill ^7?'"
bind "F9" "say '^2:^7m'"
bind "F10" "say '^2Tu ^7Chiales ^2??^7??'"

// Voting
// ======
bind "F1"             "_impulse28"     //YES
bind "F2"             "_impulse29"    //NO

bind "6" "sayteam '^7(#L^7) ^2OK ^5(^7POIL^5) ^7#H^5/^7#A'"
bind "7" "sayteam '^7(#L^7) ^1NO ^5(^7POIL^5) ^7#H^5/^7#A'"
bind "8" "sayteam '^7(#L^7) ^2SECURE ^5(^7POIL^5) ^7#H^5/^7#A'"
bind "9" "sayteam '^7(#L^7) ^1UNSECURE ^5(^7POIL^5) ^7#H^5/^7#A'"
bind "0" "sayTeam '^2ITEM AVAILABLE^7 #i loc: #l'; emote cheer"

// Weapon Selection OLD
// ===========================================
//bind "y"                 "_impulse0"     //Gauntlet
//bind "v"                 "_impulse1"     //MG
//bind "m"                 "_impulse2"        //SG
//bind "MWHEELUP"             "_impulse3"        //Plasma
//bind "o"                 "_impulse4"        //Pills
//bind ":"                "_impulse5"        //Nail
//bind "SPACE"             "_impulse6"        //RL
//bind "u"                 "_impulse7"        //Rail
//bind "MWHEELDOWN"         "_impulse8"        //Shaft
//bind "RWIN"             "_impulse9"     //Dark Matter Gun
//bind "p"                 "_impulse10"     //Dark Matter Gun
//bind "g"                 "_impulse13"     //Reload
//bind "f"                "impulse50"

// Misc Settings
// ===========================================
bind "F3"                 "_impulse17"         //Ready
bind "TAB"                 "_impulse19"         //Scoreboard
bind "ESCAPE"             "togglemenu"        //Main Menu
bind "PAUSE"             "screenshotJPEG"        //Screenshot
bind "a"                 "_ingameStats"        //Stats

bind "F11"                 "exec autoexec.cfg"        //Reload config
bind "F12"                 "quit"                //Quit

bind "F5"                 "timeout"

// Zoom
// ===========================================
//bind "MOUSE4" vstr ua_zoom
set ua_railch1 "weapon 7; g_fov 90; sensitivity 3; g_crosshairSize 100; g_crosshairCustom 14; set ua_railch vstr ua_railch2"
set ua_railch2 "weapon 7; g_fov 120; sensitivity 5; g_crosshairSize 30; g_crosshairCustom 6; set ua_railch vstr ua_railch1"
set ua_railch "vstr ua_railch1"
bind "MOUSE3" "vstr ua_railch"

// Weapon Selection NEW
// ===========================================
set ua_railreset "g_fov 120; sensitivity 5; g_crosshairSize 30; g_crosshairCustom 6"
set ua_weap0 "vstr ua_railreset; weapon 0"
set ua_weap1 "vstr ua_railreset; weapon 1"
set ua_weap2 "vstr ua_railreset; weapon 2"
set ua_weap3 "vstr ua_railreset; weapon 3"
set ua_weap4 "vstr ua_railreset; weapon 4"
set ua_weap5 "vstr ua_railreset; weapon 5"
set ua_weap6 "vstr ua_railreset; weapon 6"
set ua_weap7 "vstr ua_railch2"
set ua_weap8 "vstr ua_railreset; weapon 8"
set ua_weap9 "vstr ua_railreset; weapon 9"
set ua_weap10 "vstr ua_railreset; weapon 10"
set ua_weap13 "vstr ua_railreset; weapon 12

// replace the keys with your actual weapon keys
bind y "vstr ua_weap0"
bind v "vstr ua_weap1"
bind m "vstr ua_weap2"
bind "MWHEELUP" "vstr ua_weap3"
bind o "vstr ua_weap4"
bind : "vstr ua_weap5"
bind "SPACE" "vstr ua_weap6"
bind u "vstr ua_weap7"
bind "MWHEELDOWN" "vstr ua_weap8"
bind "RWIN" "vstr ua_weap9"
bind "p" "vstr ua_weap10"
bind "g" "vstr ua_weap13"


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